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Bed Bug Control Sowerby Bridge

Bedbug Control Sowerby Bridge

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Bedbug Control Sowerby Bridge- Yorkshires Bedbug Exterminators for Domestic & Commercial Premises

 Bedbug Control Sowerby Bridge  can help with any Bed Bug Control problem. Bed Bug Control Sowerby Bridge offers a reliable and efficient Bed Bug Control & prevention service in leeds and surrounding areas.We aim to provide a pest free environment for your commercial business or domestic premises.

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About Bedbugs in Sowerby Bridge

Bedbug infestations have been on the rise over the last few years, mainly due to increased travel. Bedbugs are spread unknowingly from place to place in luggage, furniture and on clothing.

They are regularly found in multi-occupancy buildings such as hostels, hotels and blocks of flats.

The adult bedbug is about 6mm long and resembles a small brown disc. It has no wings but has well developed legs allowing it to crawl up vertical surfaces, ie bed legs and walls.

A female bedbug cements its eggs in cracks and crevices close to the hosts (humans), under mattresses, on bed frames, behind picture frames and skirting boards.

Young bedbugs are difficult to see until they start feeding. The young resemble the adult and grow through nymphal stages by moulting. Each stage needs one full meal of blood before it proceeds to the next growth stage.

Fully grown bedbugs feed often but have been known to endure starvation for up to one year.Bedbug infestations grow rapidly if left untreated. Pest Control Sowerby Bridge can treat your bedbug problem.

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