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Rat Control Sowerby Bridge

Rat Control Sowerby Bridge

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Rat Control Sowerby Bridge Yorkshires Rat Exterminators for Domestic & Commercial Premises

 Rat Control leeds can help with any Rat Control problem. Rat Control Sowerby Bridge offers a reliable and efficient Rat Control & prevention service in leeds and surrounding areas. We aim to provide a pest free environment for your commercial business or domestic premises.

For a quotation, free survey or advice please contact Rat Control Sowerby Bridge on 07540 722770. Or complete our online form for a Instant Response to your enquiry.

About Rats in Sowerby Bridge

The Brown Rat weighs over 500grams and measuring about 23cm, without counting the tail. It has a blunt muzzle, small hair-covered ears and a tail that is shorter than its body length.

The Brown Rat tends to stay near ground level and will burrow underground to make a nest under sheds, patios, earth banks and refuse tips.

Rats breed throughout the year and a female rat can have up to 5 litters producing 5-8 young per year. The young are born blind, helpless and naked and depend on their mother for food for about three weeks before they are sufficiently developed to take solid food.

Rats have incisor teeth that continue to grow throughout their life, hence their gnawing habits to keep their incisor teeth down. Rats gnawing causes damage to woodwork, piping and electric cables.

A rat eats around 50g of food a day and will hoard its food for future consumption. Feeding mostly at night, rats live where they can find food, water and shelter.

Rats are creatures of habit and leave regular “runs” to and from feeding areas. They pass up to 40 droppings a day which are concentrated in one area (12mm and tapered at both ends).

(Mice can pass up to 80 droppings a day which are random in distribution and look similar to an apple pip; small and black).

The average life span for a rat is 1 year but can be more depending on its environment and food source.

We cover the following Rat Control Problems.

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