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Carpet Beetle Control can help with any Carpet Beetle Control problem

Carpet Beetle Control leeds offers a reliable and efficient Carpet Beetle Control & prevention service in and surrounding areas.We aim to provide a pest free environment for your commercial business or domestic premises.

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About Carpet beetle in

The carpet beetle is 2 – 4mm long and is mottled brown grey and cream coloured. The adult carpet beetle feeds on pollen and nectar and does not cause damage to carpets, upholstery etc.

It is the larvae of the carpet beetle (known as woolly bears) that cause the damage. The larvae feed on natural fibres such as wool, fur, hair and carpets.

The female carpet beetle lays its eggs in fluff in buildings, fabric and old birds’ nests in loft areas. The larvae are 4mm long and covered in brown hairs; they crawl along pipes from roofs into rooms and airing cupboards, usually where blankets are stored.

Adult carpet beetles are usually seen around April to June. The carpet beetle larvae are most active in October just before hibernation.

To deter carpet beetle, vacuum thoroughly all fluff and debris from carpets, upholstery and cupboards.

If you have damage from the larvae you will need an insecticide treatment to eradicate the problem. All affected areas and items should be sprayed, ensuring treatment reaches crevices where fluff may collect ie between floorboards, under carpets and underlay etc.

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